Christopher began his relationship with photography looking up from a baby changing table set up haphazardly in his father's dark room. In the following years, Christopher became a passionate troublemaker, often disturbing the adults working on their photographs. At this time, Christopher did not realize the profound effect these early experiences would have upon his later life as a photographer. Curious by nature, Christopher explored other forms of artistic expression, and found himself through music, dance and street art. Growing up, he moved through typical teenage phases of experimentation and crisis. Later on, he undertook a career in audiology, until he realized that in his heart, still being stoned on the chemical fumes of his childhood darkroom. 

Today, Christopher lives and works in Basel, Switzerland. As an artistic photographer, he walks along analog and digital paths, and also merges both. After experimenting with a number of developing methods, he fell into silk-screening his photographs and using other alternative methods like liquid light printing.

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